New Beginnings

I decided to start a new blog partly because I begrudge paying the hefty sum of £12 a year for the old one, and partly because now seems like the right time to do so.

In about a month’s time, I will be leaving my job and leaving my city to move to a little town where I will live with some nuns for a year. This perhaps doesn’t fall within the remit of ‘normal things for twentysomethings to undertake’, but it feels like absolutely the right thing for me to do. After years of struggling with mental health, I’m beginning to glimpse what it’s like to live without the huge weight of bipolarity constantly on my shoulders. After dropping out of university the first time round, I’m now doing a degree I love, getting good marks, and starting to see how my study can be used to glorify God.

Rather than being weirded out by the coming year (as most of my friends seem to be) I can’t wait to throw myself into the daily rhythm of offices, work and study. I don’t know what exactly the year will involve, but I am confident that it won’t be time wasted.

So, with a shiny new start comes a shiny new blog in which to record my thoughts and experiences as I step into the unknown and, I imagine, learn a heck of a lot about myself in doing so.

Deo Gratias.


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. I channel my insanity into religion as well, also into my music and my daily life. Truly being mad is a double edged sword as it seems the creativity it brings can be both constructive and destructive force.


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